Optimus management consultants

With our combined experience, we’ve helped numerous clients to effectively change forward. Organisational development and business change driven by M&A, change of strategic focus or the need to improve the bottom-line amongst others.

Our areas of expertise

Prepare for change

Significant business changes and organisational development are ideally initiated by a thorough preparation phase. This supports the decision-making process and proper positioning of the future project. OPTIMUS helps you to organise the preparation for change: carrying out a thorough analysis, defining the business case, setting up a clever roadmap/phasing plan for execution and engaging the stakeholders.

We also help you to bring derailed and stalled projects back on track, with an emphasis on anchoring the change by preparing and executing realistic, understandable implementation plans.

Strategy implementation

OPTIMUS helps you and can take the lead to manage projects focussing on the implementation of the organisational strategy. We take the project or program management role, with strong emphasis on change and stakeholder management. We actively monitor if project execution is leading towards the desired business case results. OPTIMUS helps you to realise a sustainable embedding of the chosen direction.

Business integration management

OPTIMUS supports you to carry out successful Business Integration Management. This is often driven by a mergers or acquisitions but can also originate from a reorganisation. We help you to define and implement business solutions for the integration and alignment of end-to-end business processes.

Business growth

OPTIMUS helps you to carry-out deep-dives to detect unused capacity and untapped potential. We help you to identify savings throughout your business and day-to-day business routines. Our consultants actively support you with assortment rationalisation, defining optimal footprints and optimisation of your company’s network: locations, resources and distribution. Everything geared towards the best possible business results. The OPTIMUS team also helps you preparing for new business concepts to keep growing as a business.

Organisational performance

As OPTIMUS management consultants, we guide our clients in finding the right direction in organisational structure and effectiveness to break through patterns that hinder progress in your organisation. We help you to design and implement appropriate organisational and managerial structures to stay successful as a business.

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