Optimus management

Who we are

With our combined experience, we’ve helped numerous clients to effectively change forward. Organisational development and business change driven by M&A, change of strategic focus or the need to improve the bottom-line amongst others.

What we do

Our journey typically starts with defining the problem and specific business challenges your business is facing. No need to state that we carry out this intensive effort in close corporation with you.

Together we define a clear value proposition and assess feasibility. We develop a business case and roadmap to realise your objectives and desired business goals. We plan for achievable, tangible results. Defining a proper phasing is part of this important initial stage as well as making sure we cater for a proper quartermaster to pave the road for the actual change.

At Optimus, we believe a thorough preparation is key for a successful business change. We plan for a controlled and predictable change, planned for execution in bite-sized chunks.

We understand that significant business improvements and organisational development often do not follow a straight path from A (business case) to Z (successful implementation). As Optimus we are skilled and flexible enough to support and step-in when and where needed. Not only straight from the beginning, but also when your project is already on its way or even in the undesirable situation your project is stuck.

We offer pragmatic yet realistic support in making a judgement together with you about what is need for a successful intervention. And, even more important, we help you carrying out these interventions and take explicit co-responsibility to execute your business project.

We would like to be your long-term partner to secure successful business change also long-term.

The Optimus team offers you a practical mix if hands-on expertise and experience. We facilitate business change and organisational development in the best possible way for you to be successful now and in the future!

Can we help you improve your

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